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“In Company” Service and Communications School.

The formative programs of Personal Shopper Chile conducted through a year to companies of different business sector, such as beauty, fashion, retail, health, design, among others.

We count with indicators that measure the changing level on the professionals, once the formation programs have finished, demonstrating how new visions and professional applications work.

We offer the “In Company” formation of Personal Shopper Chile on both national and international level.

We count with renowned periodic training programs, orientated to companies that look for retrain their employees on the competence units of different sectors, areas and departments related to commerce, fashion and design.

We prepare and form the entire staff of the company crosswise, like those who work on the selling point, store managers and salespeople, visual merchandisers or marketers, among others.

Our formative programs are designed to cover the most important necessities of the companies. The courses are designed to work with the DNA of each company, and based on that, we design and structure the contents.



Service and Communications School

The main objective of all of our business and periodic training programs is to give knowledge and skills on many topics, so the participant can work productively ̶  in an individual or collective way  ̶  inside the organization.

We adapt or programs to the necessities of the company on a 100%

Working with our programs of Service School, with a periodic training module, we get a periodic improve which allows to strengthen the labour competition of the service and communication, using it as a necessary condition of human resources to build loyalty of the current customers, to catch the interest of new users and align the service strategies with the corporative vision.

Al trabajar nuestros programas de Escuela de Servicio, con una malla de capacitación que se despliegue de manera periódica, se logra una mejora continua, lo que permitirá fortalecer la competencia laboral de orientación al servicio y la comunicación, como una de las condiciones necesarias del recurso humano para fidelizar a los clientes actuales, captar el interés de nuevos usuarios y alinear las estrategias de servicio al cliente a la visión corporativa.

General objectives of our Service School programs:

  • To implement formation and training programs, orientated to improve the organization, the interaction with interested groups and the relation with current customers that will contribute to the organization success.
  • To give an accompaniment to the companies on the training development, applying innovative methods that allows to present an integral view of the participants and the organization to generate a service and communication culture.
  • To promote the existence autonomous learning processes, orientated to achieve the objectives of the organization and partners related to the labour competition of the service and communication with the customer.


Our Service School program are involved with these areas:

  • Design of service models
  • Design and implementation of Service Protocols
  • Service Model Deployment Strategies
  • Matrix of leading integrated training solutions
  • Training of Specialists in Image Consultancy
  • Personal Branding for executives
  • Training of leaders
  • Effective Communications
  • Sales
  • Communication



  • San Francisco de Asís 284 Las Condes. Metro Alcántara, Santiago, Chile.
  • 02 3312 8916 - 569 9233 6873
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