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Our philosophy is groundbreaking on the student’s formation because we do more than only teaching. Our students innovate and improve the communication strategies and personal image study with creative methods. On Personal Shopper Chile we offer strategies and formation to achieve those abilities.

We give our student specific tools to develop criteria and self-decision. We teach the student to create innovative projects and trends, and to discover market’s necessities.

All of that is achieve because of our outbreaking teaching processes, where they count with specific classes to analyze the market and discover news. We conduct workshops, talks, and meetings where students are the protagonists and give their own vision of the new trends. We also have classes where we invite them to create. We form students self-reliant, so they can create and set the trend.


  • San Francisco de Asís 284 Las Condes. Metro Alcántara, Santiago, Chile.
  • 02 3312 8916 - 569 9233 6873
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.