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London Fashion Week

  • Nowadays, quality formation development, constitute a fundamental aspect to be part of a working world that is constantly growing and characterized of being highly competitive.
  • That is the reason why we created a aboard study program, that allows the student to have a recognized professional, multicultural and different formation.
  • Student that take part of the international programs, will be able to work from the more specific theory, to the strategy and innovative studies. So, this position the student on an immediate professional world.
  • Part of our international programs include the participation on the most important Fashion weeks of the world.
  • We are certified for the British Fashion Council, and this allow us to meet ̶ from the creators itself  ̶  the new worldwide talents, visit showrooms, and participate on exclusive events of the Fashion weeks in London.
  • Our next program in London will be on September 2019.

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  • San Francisco de Asís 284 Las Condes. Metro Alcántara, Santiago, Chile.
  • 02 3312 8916 - 569 9233 6873
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